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Preconstruction is the key stage in guaranteeing the success of a project. This essential process that happens before the foundation is laid allows us to draw a strategic line of action to reduce variables, stick to the original plan, and avoid adjustments that impact budget and delivery times.

Headed by the builders, it is a conceptual planning stage with the best opportunities for a positive impact on the cost, schedule, and value of the project long before construction begins.

The expert and multidisciplinary team at Grupo Casgo will present a detailed breakdown of programs, costs, alternative materials, and construction systems, which will serve as the guide for project decision. This planning will benefit its profitability, meeting the expectations of all those involved.

This process focuses on planning and robust design, with technological innovation, sustainability, and purity as the guiding axes, which will allow your project to adhere to modern construction. We base our work on the lean construction, BIM, and value engineering methods. Below is some more information about them.

BIM - Building Information Modeling

BIM - Building Information Modeling

This is a method that makes it easier for us to locate and solve issues in construction processes, as well as to monitor resources in order to avoid cost overruns and waste. We created a 3D model to manage and program each process in detail, which allows us to increase profitability and minimize project risks. We have an interdisciplinary team of collaborators with whom we use Revit, Navisworks, and TEKLA, as well as an internal control system with integrated BIM (VScontrol).

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BIM dimensions

Casgo Planning with certainty - 3D MODELING
Casgo Planning with certainty - 4D PLANNING
Casgo Planning with certainty - 5D BUDGETING
Casgo Planning with certainty - 6D SUSTAINABILITY
Casgo Planning with certainty - 7D MAINTENANCE

A visual representation of each part of the project in order to see the end result.


Logistics of the construction process as it relates to the project.


Cost of the project at every stage of the process.


Analysis of the building’s energy and carbon emissions; we also analyze LEED Construction.


Useful life, maintenance, and operation of the end result.

LEAN Construction

LEAN Construction

At Grupo Casgo, we share a vision with the Lean construction system: adding value to each of our projects, instead of just controlling costs and schedules as would be done in a traditional construction system. We make precise improvements, thanks to our project management techniques. We focus on flexibility and learning to face potential issues. Our main objective is to optimize each project from a global perspective instead of leaving this important task to subcontractors.

With this system, the experts involved work as a team. We optimize performance beginning at the modeling stage, which results in a better use of resources, work processes, and materials, in higher quality construction and facilities, and in greater satisfaction from our customers and end users.

Lean construction benefits
  • Lower costs
  • Less delays
  • Greater certainty
  • Better use of resources
  • Higher efficiency in the construction
  • Greater client satisfaction
Casgo Ingeniería de valor

Value engineering

Because of our value engineering, we are able to identify and eliminate unnecessary costs, focus on the best use of resources and the quality of our work, and increase the value of products, ensuring we meet the performance requirements of each at the lowest cost. By using this method from the start of the project, we can improve construction deadlines without altering the essence of the work.

Casgo Punto Guadiana
Punto Guadiana

By always keeping the key result accelerators in mind and maintaining the relationship between cost and value, we were able to reduce the total price of construction by 25% in Punto Guadiana, located in Durango, where we were able to move from a conventional precast concrete system to a post-tension concrete system, which allowed us substantial savings without altering the initial project deadlines.

Grupo Casgo preconstruction benefits

We will
  • Obtain the best construction alternatives for each project.
  • Prevent setbacks and expenses, taking the specific conditions of the place and general features of the project into account.
  • Detect opportunities and maximize the profitability of the project with the support of our specialized team and cutting-edge technology.
  • Regular control of the budget in all aspects of the project

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