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Integrating purpose

Working on turnkey projects at Grupo CASGO has the main advantage of placing sole responsibility for the entire project on a single general contractor. This service covers the execution of all project stages from preconstruction to the end result and is part of our company’s DNA.

We establish a professional and trusting relationship with our clients, optimizing their involvement. We guarantee the timeframe of each process, resulting in a project ready for operation.

Designing dreams, building realities

We work on turnkey projects from design to construction and installation of equipment to deliver a completely ready and functional building, without involving the client in the entire development of the project. In this way, you will receive a construction that transcends, one made with innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable architecture.

Encouraging collaborations

You will have a team of varied experts at your disposal who will exceed both your expectations and those of the end user, integrating professional operating processes aimed at delivering a product of the highest quality, regardless of its complexity.

Casgo : Potenciamos colaboraciones


For this type of project, your peace of mind is paramount. We establish a fixed price in which all aspects of the construction are covered, making sure to complete the project by the agreed-upon date.

Casgo : En tiempo y forma
We will build community
  • By having a single team for the entire project, we speed up delivery times and maintain more effective and direct communication that optimizes logistics.
  • Risks are reduced with a sole general contractor responsible for the entire design and construction.
  • Turnkey projects save time by combining all the processes of a single company.
  • There is direct communication between the design and construction teams.
  • The construction team maintains a unified vision of the project, which allows them to prevent any issue ahead of time.
  • There is better use of time, resources, and money.
  • We can ensure continuity from design to project execution without alterations
  • We offer expert advice and support during every phase of the project.
  • We are clear in the distribution of resources at every step of the project.
  • Resources are saved by reducing the number of administrative personnel involved, without reducing the quality and effectiveness of the team.

Together, we will bring your vision to life

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